One of the best Health & Fitness App Available in Play Store

We never realized that every day just by walking we burn calories. This app will help you in measuring the steps you walk every day. And will also measure the calories burned each day. This app is available for free with all unlocked features. You can go to link Fitness Bot and install the App from Google Play Store.

Available features

This app has following features listed as per the description of the app -

     - Best App for Mountaineers
     - Application is Free of Cost
     - Measures Steps Count
     - Measures Calories Burned
     - Measures Height from Sea Level
     - Measures Environment Humidity
     - Completely Private Application
     - Start & Stop on Your wish
     - You can measure height of your Building from ground floor

Special Note:

Note that this app uses phone in built sensors and not the GPS. So it saves a lot of battery power. And it does not even require internet connection. So you can use it anytime anywhere. In fact if it's On it will keep running in background to keep track of your steps.

Install Now

Go to below link to install the app.

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